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Ventura Divorce Attorney

Family law is one of the most complex areas of the law.  

Choosing the right divorce lawyer is an important decision that can impact the rest of your life. Choose wisely, and call the law offices of Matthew Rich.

As a Certified Family Law Specialist, Santa Monica divorce attorney Matthew Rich focuses exclusively on family law matters, and has extensive experience to get you results in the courtroom. Matthew Rich handles child custody litigation and complex divorces efficiently and economically. Matthew Rich has the expertise to  successfully navigate the complex court systems and achieve results for his clients.   The Los Angeles County Courts recently announced staff reductions and court closures and the laws governing family law have changed dramatically. Live testimony and cross examination of witnesses in open court is now required in most family law hearings. Having an experienced divorce attorney with extensive knowledge of the Family Law Courts, the California Evidence Code, the California Family Code and relevant case law is now even more important for achieving the correct outcome in your case. Contact the Law Offices of Matthew Rich to set up a free consultation to discuss your case. Call 310-985-5556. 













Matthew L. Rich, Santa Monica divorce attorney and child custody specialist, handles all California family law matters including, but not limited to:

dissolution of marriage/divorce, child custody lawyering in any forum, mediation and negotiation of family law disputes, domestic violence, paternity issues,  child support, spousal support, contempt, enforcement, and modification proceedings, psychological and counseling aspects of family law, family law appellate practice,  premarital and post marital agreements and non marital domestic relationships.  

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