Attorney Matthew Rich


Attorney Matthew Rich has practiced family law since 1995.  Mr. Rich previously worked at one of the largest family law firms in the Los Angeles area.   Realizing that many divorce and family law firms were inefficient and incapable of delivering legal services at a reasonable cost, Matthew Rich opened his own firm to delver more efficient and cost effective services to his clients.  Changes in family law practice and procedure combined with new technology has changed the way family law should be practiced.  Many of the older generation of attorneys are unable or unwilling to adapt to these changes, resulting in less efficiency and higher legal fees.  Matthew Rich handles family law matters efficiently and economically.  Contact divorce attorney Matthew Rich to discuss your case.

Matthew Rich Has been certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization as a a Certified Family Law Specialist. Hire a Certified Specialist to handle your matter. Call (805)628-9049